Friday, September 11, 2009

The Kenya I want.

The Kenya I want.
I want a Kenya where we have minimums. Minimums in all aspects. A Kenya where we have standards, standards that are always revised and improved after given periods of time.
There should be stipulated standard of housing. A standard that covers the types, materials, minimum size, number of rooms, the minimum standards of sanitation among other things. Once these minimum standards have been established (by professionals of course), the government should purpose to implement the proposals from the professionals.
In my opinion, for Nairobi in particular, Slums like Kibera, Korogocho, Mathare, the Mukurus and the likes should not be in existence in an economy like ours.
The slums in Nairobi (at our current economy), should be estates like Dandora, Kayole, Kawangware, basically most of eastlands, the good side of Mathare, and places equivalent to these estates.
By 2025, our slums, with proper planning, should be places comparable to BuruBuru.
Should such standards be set, issues which cost a lot to the economy like communicable diseases and crime (both in the slums, and those who use the slums as their hide outs) would considerably reduce, and most importantly, there will be a general uplifting of the social well being of the citizens.
Laws on these minimum standards should be passed, and anyone who goes below these standards, should face an extremely severe punishment.
Minimum Standards should be set on the kind, quality and level of education that one can have. This is irrespective of whether the education is offered by the government, or privately.
Again, In my opinion, with the current conditions in our third world country, the least (minimum) level of education that Kenyans should have is mid level college education.
The quality up to this level is currently of agreeable standards (in my opinion!), only that it needs to be modified a bit, so that it can train people on how to deal with small situations like procedures to be followed in the hospitals, the importance to behave soberly on our highways, the need to adopt adoption, encourage people to know and always demand for their rights when it is not forthcoming common decency etc. it should also inculcate in to people the importance of blue collar jobs and the capacity to create jobs, rather than to be employed (especially for campus graduates).
We should have minimums on the kind of health care that one can get from our hospitals, the minimum facilities that can be available to an institution that qualifies to be called a hospital, the minimum staff (nurses, doctors and subordinates) that should serve in such institutions and many other minimums.
In Kenya, with our poor economy, anything that qualifies to be called a hospital should have at least four doctors, thirty nurses for a bed capacity of two hundred people (which should be the minimum capacity). Should have a morgue with a capacity of 20 bodies (to cater for those who might pass on while undergoing treatment, and for those who might be brought in from outside).
The Kenya I want should even determine the minimum quantity of food that people should have, and it should be the obligation of the government to see to it that this actually happens. This should be done by ensuring that food (proper diet) is affordable to all. Every region should have the capacity to feed and nourish itself in the worst of the situations.
The nation should even have a minimum level of poverty, such that people cannot be poor below a certain level.
The Kenya I want.
The Kenya I want is a Kenya that will facilitate me to build the nation, a Kenya that will help me have a comfortable life.
If I am in business, and I have one employee, and I would like to expand my business, hence employ some two more guys, get some more profits(hence pay more taxes), increase the amounts that is being distributed to me(hence benefiting those higher in the production chain) , then the government should facilitate my expansion, by ensuring that there are enough credit facilities, that charge an affordable rate, that there is enough security, and that I can access the latest and the best methods of conducting the business that I am in.
If I am a millionaire, and I would to invest in the entertainment industry, the government should provide me with a conducive environment to invest in this industry. If it is the licenses, the process should be easy and expeditious.
The government should always seek to improve people’s lives, and those who would like to improve their lives further, the government should facilitate this.
Unless we have these minimums, and unless Kenya reviews these minimums so as to always improve on them, then this cannot be the Kenya that I want.
Wachira Benedict Mamluki

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