Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why the Constitution won't change anything, and why i will vote for it.

Why the proposed constitution won’t change anything, and why I am voting for it.

Kenyans have been LIED to, Kenyans are being CHEATED, that the current constitution has been/is the cause of our misery as Kenyans. Some people have been/are spreading this lie consciously, while others are doing it without knowing it is a lie and others have been brainwashed to that school of thought. Others are doing it for ‘legacy,’ so that it may be said that they were there when this constitution passed (this class is mostly in the parliament, the CoE and these other bodies here and there, and may be including the American government)

Let us not fool ourselves, the problems that Kenya has is the problem of leadership. Period. When the leadership of a country is bad, people will steal large tracks of land and walk free. When the leadership of a country is evil, it will cut down the forests and occasionally sell the forest lands to unsuspecting buyers. When the leadership of a country is corrupt, people will take Goldenberg money, and shamelessly continue balling in town. When the leadership of a country is decayed, people’s balls will be crushed, and the balls crushers will walk scot-free even after a regime change. When the leadership of a country is totally wicked, it will allow the leadership that has done all the above to lounge somewhere in Baringo, and occasionally comment on how the state should be run,,,,and so on and so on.
Some argue that it is the constitution that gives us that good leader. That not exactly true. If we had a good leadership, with the current constitution, Kenya would prosper. Conversely, if the best constitution was given to a bad leader, the sufferation of Kenyans would continue. People can actually put in Good leadership in whatever circumstances.

This is why I am saddened when I hear the progressives of yesteryears coming out strongly and saying that the proposed constitution was the reason that took them to Castrators of Nyayo house. I had earlier thought that they did these patriotic and heroic actions, and underwent all that anguish because they wanted good leadership in this country, I guess if at that time Moi knew that the proposed constitution was what they wanted, he would have given it to them more easily than they thought.

It is now time for the progressives of today, to fight our own struggle, ourselves. Let us not be pulled into other people’s battles, and forget our own war. Those of yesteryears have now gotten what they fought for. We must now fight for what we want. GOOD LEADERSHIP. Leadership that will feed Kenyans, leadership that will house Kenyans, leadership that will protect Kenyans from this “market” economy, leadership that will bring power to the people, leadership that will eventually break and end the class differences in Kenya.

Some people are tirelessly campaigning for the proposed constitution, so that at the end of the day, they will get jobs in the numerous commissions formed, so that they may face less competition for the variety of positions of power. In some places, they are even publicly announcing their line ups for 2012. They say that Kamau (the current MP) will continue being the MP, Njoroge (the immediate former MP) will become the Governor, and Mwangi (always a threat in all elections) will become the Senator. I am left wondering where WANJIKU is, in all these arrangements.

The new Wanjiku wants the Matatu prices to be controlled by the government, not by Greedy Matatu crews, benefiting from the “market” economy. The new Wanjiku wants to work and participate in nation building immediately she completes schooling, she doesn’t want to complete her 8-4-4 so that she begins tarmacking around, her life now determined by LUCK, and how many people she KNOWS. The new Wanjiku wants to benefit from her farming, and not for all her profits to be taken away by middlemen, who are an important entity in the “market” chain. The new Wanjiku wants her security to be guaranteed, she is tired of being harassed by “illegal” gangs who operate in broad daylight, in full knowledge of the security forces. Our Wanjiku wants to give birth in safe and proper environment, without being asked for some cards,without being asked for money. The new Wanjiku wants her child to get quality schooling for free, and she also wants to pursue her research and discover the cure for breast cancer, at no cost.
The new Wanjiku is tired of her name being used ovyo ovyo, Wanjiku is tired. Tired totally.

And that is why I will be voting for the proposed constitution. To end the “Constitution is the problem lie” and now face the real problem.
Today, almost all what we can call major forces, are supporting the proposed constitution. The media, the elite, the politicians, the so called Civil Society Organisation, the American government etc.
And so after august 4th, the LIE will end. They will now have to discover another lie. The new Wanjiku will by then be tired of the lies, she will rise and demand what she’s been waiting for, for all these years. Good leadership.
>>>>>>> The church is opposing the proposed constitution for either moral (abortion) or religious competition (kadhi’s court), so it has nothing to do with governance,,,,,,they can’t come and tell us that “Hey! You are sleeping hungry because of the abortion clause!” Or “Hey! The new Kamlesh has stolen billions because of the Kadhi courts!”………as for the other NO guys, what they are proposing is in real sense the same as what is being proposed……Ruto seemingly wants Countries, not Counties…….as for Moi, let’s not discuss him any further<<<<<<<
In my little analysis, after this final lie is unearthed, Kenya will be ripe for two things, Socialist Revolution, or Somali-like destruction.
It is now upon the new progressives to rise up, and LEAD this country towards the former, or our current bad leaders will throw us into the latter.

Let us sort this political leadership mess, through politics itself, or through any other practical means.

Benedict Wachira
31st July 2010

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