Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To all the fathers out there

He never saw his father
For the father was killed, when dad was in the womb
For fighting for freedom, he was sent to the tomb
But he became a good dad
Giving us, what he never had

I grew up with him
The mother was light, Odhiambo was dark
He never knew his dad
He never ask about him
She never spoke about him
When she later died
He was still a child
His life was destroyed
They sold everything, that the mother owned
Then they came for him, took him from our house
And said that his mother, had appeared in a dream
And told them that, he must go to Nyanza
And live with those, that he never knew
All this because, he never had a father

Young man, don’t you have a conscience?
Even a bull, is better than you
If it had a choice, it would have raised its seed
For all you did was sire, and you never father
You are a coward, a disgrace to mankind
Go raise it, go back to your child
For the young woman, might be kind
And actually, accept you back!

Benedict Wachira
28th February 2011

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