Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Tummy

The Tummy.
Clear it in two weeks! So they claim.
I do not like how it looks, she and he says.
I work the gym but it never disappears, she complains.

Some men love the hips,
Others ogle the behind,
Most will say it’s the face,
Yet for others, it’s her chest.

I do agree with all them.
But listen to me and dare look,
There is so much to admire,
In that tummy.

So intriguing it is,
More so with the double bump
Or when it’s almost a 360
And yes, when it flows down and up.

For when she lies there
It just disappears
And you are saved from seeing
The ribs and their cage

The best part though,
Is when it is all done,
Laying there, fantasizing your common future.
Where else to lay your arms,
Other than on that intriguing tummy?

Benedict Wachira
12 June 2013



  1. last at last you penned it down

  2. I believe you still remember my sentiments about this "TUMMY THING" Anyway the only justification to praising it is that rest after a vigorous exercise.